My name is Richard and I am more than my illnesses.  Through out my life I have been involved in helping others through community service, raising money for the  prevention of child abuse, for high school students
and other families in need.  I recently have raised money for the National Kidney Association and intend to continue always giving back when possible.

Over the past several years I have been hospitalized nearly every month for weeks at a time,  My hospital and household bills keep mounting even though my insurance covered a good deal of the charges they seem to be overwhelming.

Two years ago I was diagnosed legally blind, and  recently lost my kidneys a year ago, the struggle to maintain employment while out of hospitals, dialysis and other medical examinations has become more difficult.
Bills continue to mount.  I am asking for assistance in paying my hospital bills and other bills that have mounted up over that past 2 years.

This would mean the world to me and help me get a bit of sanity back into my life.   Allowing me to focus more on my well-being than the stress and worry about all these bills.