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Newevidence forced the prosecutor to overturn a double murder conviction. Jerome has been transported from the Thumb Correctional Facility to the Livingston County Jail as of January 8th, 2018. Unfortunately, he will sit there until legal counsel files a motion for bond. Even more discouraging, lawyers are expensive and they don’t work for free.

Jerome lost everything including his home, his car and any savings while he fought his first battle for justice. His social security checks have been garnished to pay for prison housing as well as restitution. The financial loss was crippling but the emotional toll is devastating. He missed out on watching his son get married and watching his grandchildren grow up. Still, Jerome manages to smile. His faith and support from his family have kept him positive throughout an otherwise dreadful situation and he believes that good will prevail, and the truth will set him free.

A small group, lovingly referred to as “Jerry’s Angels” are banning together to support Jerome and his family get the justice he deserves. We believe, whole heartedly, in his innocence and that he will be vindicated. There is a long, hard road ahead and we will persevere until we succeed. We cannot give back the last 11 years to Jerome and his family, but we can certainly try our damndest to make the rest of his life, the best of his life!

Please join us as we fight for The Justice for Jerome Defense Fund. All proceeds will go towards Jerome Kowalski’s legal fees. Anything you could spare would be greatly appreciated. Your contribution will not only help to free an innocent man but will also help get justice for the victims.

Please help us bring him home.

God Bless,
Jerry’s Angels