Violator of the Michigan constitution
Arlan Meekof
Senate Majority Leader


The citizens of Canton, Plymouth, Northville and Livonia, AKA the Citizens of the Michigan 7th senatorial District, have a good reason to be incensed with the recent actions of Michigan Senate Leadership. Last week, in an
the unprecedented action the citizens of the Michigan 7th District Senate District were partially disenfranchised by the Senate Majority Leader, Arlan Meekof. For the “ audacity” of attending and speaking at a Right To Life dinner in Meekof’s district without prior notification, our Senator Patrick Colbeck was “stripped” of his Committee assignments and control of his Senate office staff. This alleged oversight of Senator Colbeck was represented as an infringement of Senate Caucus Policy but nothing in writing can be found to substantiate this reason verbally stated by Mr. Meekof. The reason that this is unprecedented is that the last time such an austere move was committed against a sitting State Senator, the obviously valid reason was that that legislator had discharged a firearm toward his ex-wife. According to an article in MLive by Gus Burns, Senator Virgil Smith pleaded guilty to malicious destruction of property for allegedly shooting an AR-15 rifle in the direction of his ex-wife, Anistia Thomas, and her Mercedes about 1 a.m. May 10, 2015. The distinction between a Senator innocuously practicing his First Amendment Right of Free Speech at an organized meeting and a Senator committing a felony toward his ex-wife seems to have been lost on Mr. Meekof. The very fact that the committee assignments and control of his Senate office have been removed from Senator Colbeck significantly reduces the representation and Constitutional Rights (Michigan Constitution Article IV § 2) of all the Constituents of Senator Colbeck. This is an issue that is truly Bi-Partisan.

This action has not gone unnoticed! A group of disenfranchised citizens has formed Citizens for Responsible Senate Leadership. “Our intentions are to voice our objections and hold the leadership accountable for this injustice.”