It was early Saturday morning and the phone rang. Without even thinking of the time, I reached out and answered it. On the other end was a gentleman who had just gotten out of jail the day before. He had been released early in the hopes of getting home to see his father-in-law before he passed.

He was 1.5 hours too late.

He came home to his wife and mother-in-law that hadn’t slept in 3 days; he hadn’t slept in 4 days either, worrying about his family. The family vehicle had very little gas, and they were out of food. His 18 month old son’s care was also a concern. He had an appointment to get food, but would only be able to get there, but not back home. He was desparate and didn’t know what to do.

I told him to get to his appointment to get the food, and I would make sure he had a gas card to get home. I was able to reach out to our group of volunteers, and before I was able to meet him, we gathered $100 in gas cards for him. He also needed a suit for the funeral and we were able to connect him with a clothes closet to get one.

The client is also in desparate need of a job. We reached out were able to help him with connections.

This man is on of the lucky ones. He has his drivers license and a vehicle. But he has so many other struggles to overcome. But because he reached out to us, he has a much better chance of having success on the outside.