Born and raised in Howell and Brighton, Lori didn’t become a bigfoot believer until her son who is in the military called and said “you aren’t going to believe this!’  Lori’s only son is special operations in the Air Force and was on a training mission in the Pacific northwest when he called and said ‘Mom, the government has Bigfoot on the list of indigenous animals, they must know for a fact they exist.’  At that point she started researching and watching everything about this mysterious animal. Yes, she has seen footprints and wood structures but to date has never seen a bigfoot.

Lori hopes someday to pass on the passion to her 2 grandkids who live in Georgia where her son is stationed and where he claims he has heard strange screams while doing maneuvers in the Georgia woods.   An avid hiker, kayaker and exercise enthusiast, she still lives in Livingston County and finds any excuse to head north for the weekend and search for signs.  

But she keeps looking in her own backyard.