Dec. 17th 2019

RE: BigFoot of Island Lake the movie

This is a movie about looking for BigFoot filmed around Livingston County Michigan.

Plus the movie is a fundraiser for the Connect Five Foundation that helps Veterans in Livingston County Michigan.

The Actors are people that work and live in Livingston County Michigan.

The Lead Actor: Rick Beaudin he’s in the real estate business.

BigFoot: Eric Friesner is a big supporter of the Connect Five Foundation.   

FBI Agent: Dale Brewer from Connect Five Foundation.

Congresswoman: Marybeth Potrykus business owner in Livingston County.

Cinematographer: Dale Adkins owner of Daletec Studios.

Writer and Director: Joe Malik 3d from G1NBC STUDIOS.

Anyone would be open for interviews;

Thank you

G1NBC STUDIOS 704.352.3258