4th Grade PE Teacher Surprises Students with Dance!

SO PROUD! Click HERE to see the creative genius behind teacher Tim Rutkowski’s plan to introduce swing dancing to his 4th grade PE students. Without mentioning “dance”, Mr. Rutkowski had classes practice the basic step – rock, step, cross & turn (see Lesson #1 The Basic Step) as a warm up exercise. After weeks of …

SHAPE MI 2016  ... Swing Dancing for Life! ... PHOTOS

The Dance Project worked hard for four days, sharing the value of instructional practices of swing dancing in PE classrooms. Our message of positive dancing to educators and innovators from around the country left an impression. It was a great beginning to a future in the schools to which we look forward with eager anticipation.

Swing Dancing for Life!  Advisors & CONTRIBUTORS

Kimberly Windeler, Elementary Music Teacher, Livingston Classical Academy Amy Bickley, Director of Dance, Owosso High School Mason Cothran, The Dance Project, Inc. (since 2009) Adam Vallus; Dance Instructor; Lamphere High School Michelle Lichtenberg, Dance Faculty, Woodland Park Academy Nicki Flynn; Dance Faculty, Hope College; Board of Directors, SHAPE Michigan Greg Patterson; Dance Faculty & Program …

Swing Dancing for Life!

Swing Dancing for Life! is a program designed for PE teachers at every grade level, K – 12, which offers instructional practices for learning swing dancing. With this program, teachers will be equipped with simple tools needed to integrate swing dance instruction into their curriculum every year. Students will learn steps to Modern Swing, and 16 additional moves …

Lesson #1 The Basic Step

The first in a series of three, this video is designed to teach viewers the fundamentals of the basic step necessary for swing dancing – Modern Swing style. Lesson #2 will teach the basic turn, and Lesson #3 will teach the basic dip. For more information and/or dance support, please contact our instruction team by …

SHAPE MI 2016 .... Swing Dancing for Life!

Dance Activity – Snowball! PE, Health & Dance Educators learned the basic steps of swing dancing in less than 30 minutes at The Dance Project workshop, then participated in the grand finale, a Snowball mixer. Teaching swing dancing and learning to swing dance are both fun!

The Dance Project ... for Students

The Dance Project is dedicated to changing the culture by promoting positive dancing. Come to our community dances, where you will learn how to swing dance to popular music, and have a great time with about 200 other students from more than 75 schools in 4 different SE Michigan counties. Join the REVOLUTION! 🙂