We’re on a MISSION!  The Dance Project is dedicated to changing the culture by promoting positive dancing  We do that by teaching students how to swing dance to popular music, so that …they will TEACH THE WORLD!  And. They. Do.  It’s Prom season.  We will hear stories from our members about SWING DANCING at PROM!   …

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Watch the FUN!  We LOVE to see the faces of the folks who learn to swing dance!  Check out these GREAT videos of recent events where The Dance Project has been accomplishing it’s mission of CHANGING THE CULTURE BY PROMOTING POSITIVE DANCING.  You won’t be disappointed.

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The first in a series of three, this video is designed to teach viewers the fundamentals of the basic step necessary for swing dancing – Modern Swing style. Lesson #2 will teach the basic turn, and Lesson #3 will teach the basic dip. For more information and/or dance support, please contact our instruction team by …

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