Jim Schemer selling live bait

If you are an active fisherman in Livingston County, you know there are not many places that sell live bait these days. While growing up in Livingston County I used to be able to find live bait close by and had many options to choose from. These days there are only a few places around the count that I can find it these days. I can find worms many places in the area, finding live minnows can be quite a task. Today, I am going to talk about Just for Men & everybody Else in Brighton, Michigan where I go to when I need live minnows, crayfish, shiners and more.

Owner Jim Schemer owned a drywall company for 38 years before the economy dropped and almost forced him out of business. In 2010, Jim and his wife Lori decided to open Just for Men & Everybody Else, a consignment shop located next door to Meier Flowerland & Greenhouse. The consignment shop bought and sold everything from hand and power tools to motorcycles, lawn mowers, knives, clothing, sporting goods and exercise equipment. Over the first several years his customers suggested selling minnows and other bait, along with fishing and hunting gear.

Three years ago he decided to give it a try. He ordered an 850 gallon tank so he could hold and maintain the fish. Growing up, his dad bred and raised exotic fish in his home so he knew he would be able to care for all of his live creatures. Unlike most places I have been to that sell these live bait fish, he feeds them twice a day to make sure they are in great condition when purchased. Not only did he start selling the live bait, he also grew his inventory of all season fishing tackle and gear. He was also able to get a license machine from the DNR and can sell you a fishing a hunting license on the spot! One of the most unique things he offers is a live bait punch card where after you buy 11 dozen minnows, your 12th dozen is free! Just For Men & Everybody Else is open Monday through Friday from 8:00am – 6:00pm, Saturday 7:00am – 6:00pm and Sunday from 7:00am – 4:00pm. If you want to call ahead and see if they have what you need their phone number is 810-229-4345.

      Currently available fishing tackle

If you are in need of any live bait for your fishing adventures, I would recommend you stop in and see Jim at Just for Men & Everybody Else in Brighton. Let him know that the Woodby Outdoorsman sent you. I am heading there later today to get my live bait before the ice fishing tournament tomorrow morning.

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