Why is it taking so long for Judge Brennan’s investigation to be finished? It’s time for her to be charged with perjury, continuous misconduct and remove her from the bench!

During her divorce proceedings earlier this year the evidence was extremely clear that she was having a full blown affair with Michigan State Police Lt. Sean Furlong before and during the double murder trial of Jerome Kowalski. Furlong was the lead detective in the case. Brennan presided over the trial and sentenced Kowalski to life in prison without parole in 2013.

I spoke with attorney Tom Kizer on October 1st who represented Brennan’s X husband Donald Root. Root claimed, “Brennan and Furlong were having an affair as far back as 2009”. Between 2011 and 2016 there was 76 hours of calls between them, with 19 of those hours, thirteen months prior to the trial. They also show 3 calls that were made between them during the trial. Kizer has always stayed true to his beliefs, that everyone is entitled to a fair trial, regardless if innocent or guilty. Kizer said, “he is optimistic that the Judicial Tenure Commission (JTC) will eventually do its job, take some strong action, and hopefully remove Brennan from the bench. We do not need her doing more damage to the community”. Kizer submitted transcripts and phone records to the JTC and the State Police.

I contacted The State Police in Lansing on October 11th and was told the case was open and had no changes. The State Police had seized her computers from the courthouse and her home in the beginning of May, 2017.

Earlier this year I sat in and observed Brennan in action in her courtroom. I witnessed her being rude, uninformed, and with a lack of knowledge pertaining to the case she was “Judging”. And I feel it’s dishonorable for a judge presiding over a murder trial while having an ongoing affair with the lead detective from the same case. Her reputation is definitely preceding her. There is no time like the present to recuse* herself from the bench! As a taxpayer in this county I do not want to be paying her salary and from what I have seen and heard she lacks integrity, compassion and a knowledge of the law. It seems she is totally unconscious of her own disgraceful behavior.

*Recuse-to reject or challenge (a judge or juror) as disqualified to act, especially because of interest or bias or to withdraw from a position of judging so as to avoid any semblance of partiality or bias.