G1NBC offer businesses large and small the opportunity to stay Top of Mind and Relevant as well as triggering that Word of Mouth that all businesses look for. As consumers, we tend to frequent areas where we work or live. The places that we frequent include eateries, gyms, convenience stores, and other service oriented establishments which collectively shape our social patterns. Where have you been over the past 3-4 weeks? How often have you been there? As a Network Advertiser, you have the option to stay in your immediate area if that’s where most of your customers come from. For example, a neighborhood restaurant starts to get frequented by local diners who become familiar with your setting. If your customers come from various locations, you’ll want to ensure that you are seen anywhere and everywhere. A great example is a plumber who picks up jobs wherever there is a paying customer. Whatever your situation might be, your custom Ad will be played thousands of times per month per location. Use us as you see fit. Do you have a monthly or quarterly campaign that you normally do? Change the Ad to match your marketing campaign. Imagine seeing the same image no matter where your customer goes. The same image they see on the website, mailer, door hanger, email, social media will now be at the dry Cleaners, the sandwich shop, the gym. The constant exposure makes for a top notch, reinforced marketing campaign. Are YOU the business? People like realtors and insurance agents become the face of their business. Does the sight of you trigger customers to say “There’s my Agent, I need to give him a call.” or “If you ever need a Realtor, they are the person to call”? Word of Mouth just happened! Remember, 80% of consumers want to share a positive experience but need an adequate reason to share it.