G1NBC is your local hometown media company covering sports, news and local shows. G1NBC has brand’s in television, websites and publications. G1NBC has been in the media business for over 30+ years, serving Livingston County.

G1NBC Live Broadcast Saturday is where businesses can come in and be On-Air to promote upcoming sales or events for the next month. As long as you’re a chamber member it is totally free (up to 15 minutes). 

We will only have 12 spots open, you will have 15 minutes On-Air

Things to do when your on-air

  1. First 5 minutes: 
    1. It’s about you…. Say who you are…. A little history
  2. Second 5 minutes:
    1. Talk about your company…. When did you start…. How you started
  3. Last 5 minutes:
    1. SELL SELL SELL….. Sales…. Events….

Each On-Air video will be branded to the person On-Air. The video shoot can be used for your webpage and Facebook.

If you have any question give Joe Malik 3d at G1NBC Livingston County a call 248.919.8882

Send your request to be G1NBC On-Air to onair@g1nbc.us