G1NBC STUDIOS PRESS RELEASE BigFoot of Island Lake the movie

Dec. 17th 2019 RE: BigFoot of Island Lake the movie This is a movie about looking for BigFoot filmed around Livingston County Michigan. Plus the movie is a fundraiser for the Connect Five Foundation that helps Veterans in Livingston County Michigan. The Actors are people that work and live in Livingston County Michigan. The Lead …

The Fallen Judge seduction suspicion

Lorina Lynn has agree to play the Judge. Opening casting will start Feb 1st 2020. This will be shot in Livingston County Michigan and based on the raise and fall of the 53rd District Court Judge Theresa Brennan .

The Big Hunt for Bigfoot of Island Lake set for September 28, 9 A.M

G1NBC Studios will be filming on September, 28 at the Terrorfied Forest, 145 Swarthout Rd, Pinckney, MI 48169. Open cast to any one that wants to come out and be in the hunt / movie. Guns, Pitch Forks and dogs are welcome but NO LIVE AMMO please……. Start time 9 A.M.